Airbiotics Creates New Awesome Tool for Cleaning Your House

28 Apr 2019 11:36

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Airbiotics, an all-natural, non-toxic cleaning goods lineup that's powered by probiotics, introduces a radical way of cleaning.

Airbiotics' field of cleaning products is powered by probiotics. Such as cleaners do, instead of killing the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria, Airbiotics uses the biofilm which gets rid of bacterium and the food source dust mites feed from to be consumed by probiotics.


Airbiotics offers an Assortment of cleaning products including their own:

1) All Natural, All-Purpose Cleaner — This gets rid of the source of indoor pollutants and contaminants, while created to protect the environment and to supply a healthier indoor setting.

2) Probiotic Mist Home Spray — This is an all-natural, probiotic-powered, cloth and air freshener which helps freshen fabrics, shield a house against allergens such as dust mites and pet dander, helps control odors, also leaves atmosphere truly fresh and clean.

3) Probiotic Natural Hand Cleaner — This can be powered by enzymes to safely remove harmful bacteria and restore balance.

Airbiotics offers a full Airbiotics Probiotic Protection Pack their cleaners included with all, as well as distinct sizes of the cleaners including travel packs.


Airbiotics has a whole lot of benefits including how the products encourage better health and not pose a risk to one's wellbeing; cleans amazingly without the need for gloves, scrubbing, or bad odors; are safe to use around toddlers , children, and pets; are quick, simple to use, and effective; produce a long-lasting clean for fewer actions; also are cost-effective. One bottle of their Cleaner fills ten spray bottles.

"Airbiotics has an advanced product line of cleaners which have what it takes to change the way you live completely and help you breathe clearly again," explained Robert Meirovich, creator of Airbiotics. Unlike routine cleaning options, there are no harsh chemicals inside the formulation; yet, it's the strongest when it comes to reducing allergens and eliminating odors. The eco-friendly products of the company deconstruct biofilm, instead of cleaners that allow bacteria that are bad to flourish.

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